Please find below the Patient Information & Consent Forms for a) adults as well as b) parents of children translated in 12 different languages. These files are in Microsoft Word format and can be edited to include your details and those of your institution. Please ensure that the text reads well and there are no errors before providing it to the patients or parents.

Please note that this is only if required by your local ethics committee. This is an observational registry and can be registered as an Audit (e.g., UK) or Quality Improvement Project (e.g., USA) that do not necessarily require collection of consent forms.

However, it is the responsibility of the local team entering data to make sure that they have the necessary approvals in place prior to submission of data (e.g. Institutional Review Board/Ethics/Audit approval along with Data Sharing agreements as appropriate). The take no responsibility for ensuring that local/regional requirements are met, this responsibility rests solely with the submitting teams.


A. Adult Patient Information & Consent Form |

English Arabic China German Japanese Korea Urdu Portuguese Russian Spanish Turkish French Dutch Malaysian

Click on the relevant icon above to download the Adult Patient Information & Consent Forms in different languages.


B. Parents of Children Patient Information & Consent Form |

English Arabic China German Japanese Korea Urdu Portuguese Russian Spanish Turkish French DutchMalaysian

Click on the relevant icon above to download the Pediatric Patient Information & Consent Forms in different languages.

Please contact us if you require these documents to be translated to a language other than the ones available above. 


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