The responsibilities of the Regional and Country Leaders include, among others: 

  • Recruit and co-ordinate collaborators in their own country or region.  
  • This would involve identifying all transplant centres and colleagues from their country.
  • Encourage each center to form a team of three collaborators and one auditor (data monitor). 
  • Country leaders will be the link between their country and the senior leadership. 
  • Assist local investigators with IRB approvals, if required and share these with other centres. 
  • Provide evidence of such activities to the Administration Committee of
  • Provide additional scientific and administrative support to their collaborators.

Can there be more than one Country Leader?

  • There may be more than one country leader.
  • They will share the above responsibilities.
  • The number of country leaders will be proportionate to the number of participating centres and the transplant workload in that country.

Why become a Country Leader?

  • Become part of a growing global LDLT research.
  • Obtain citable co-authorship, accreditation for leadership and access the raw data for future studies.​

How can you get involved?

  • Click here to register your participation and indicate in the form that you would like to become a country leader.​ Alternatively you may email us at


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